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The twenty-first century was well under way when DES's granddaughter found a stash of old manuscripts and unpublished novels. Greyladies, a publishing firm that delights readers by republishing long out-of-print novels, have brought the books, literally found in the attic, for the first time to the waiting world of DES readers.

These books can be ordered from the exclusive US distributor Anglophile Books

Jean Erskine's Secret

Written c.1917, published 2013

Found in the Attic

Published 2013
A selection of unpublished stories, poems, plays, as well as articles and talks on books and writing.

Illustrated with family photographs.

Portrait of Saskia

A short novel plus 4 short stories

Written late 1920s, published 2011

Emily Dennistoun

Originally entitled Truth is the Strong Thing

Written in the 1920s, published 2011

The Fair Miss Fortune

Originally written in the 1930s, published 2011


DES is Gaining a Whole New Generation of Readers

Starting in 2008, publishing companies have been reissuing vintage DES books, delighting both new readers, and long-time fans who can now complete their DES libraries.

Anglophile Books

Anglophile Books started the trend by reissuing The Empty World (1936) a long-out-of-print and very rare book, followed by a collection of DES's poetry Alister and Co.

Anglophile Books also carries a tempting array of other DES books


Greyladies, in Edinburgh, after first publishing newly found DES manuscripts, reissued new editions some of DES's earliest books. They are now out of print from Greyladies, but can be ordered from the exclusive US distributor, Anglophile Books, on the links below.

Five Windows

Republished in 2016. First published 1953.

US dealer - Anglophile Books

The English Air

First published in 1940, this family story on the eve of World War Two is now available in a new edition

US dealer - Anglophile Books

Peter West

DES's first published novel, 1923

US Dealer - Anglophile Books.

Persephone Books

Persephone Books, in England, has published several DES books, including Miss Buncle's Book, Miss Buncle Married and The Two Mrs. Abbotts.


Sourcebooks, a US publisher, has reissued a growing number of DES's books, in paper and as ebooks.

You can find them here.

Audio Books

Check your favourite audio book sellers and publishers for the wonderfully narrated DES books available.

Bloomsbury Books

Bloomsbury Books has published the charming Mrs. Tim of the Regiment in paper and as an ebook.



Near Neighbours
by Molly Clavering

originally published in 1956, reissued in 2015 by Greyladies
Available in the US from Anglophile Books

Near Neighbours is a charming book written by D. E. Stevenson's friend Molly Clavering.

It tells about a woman who, freed from the tyranny of her joyless sister, finds a new lease on life and makes friends with the vibrant young family next door.

If you've read all your DES books and still want more, Near Neighbours is an excellent choice.
Near Neighbours and other DES books can be ordered directly from Greyladies
or from the exclusive US distributor Anglophile Books