D. E. Stevenson

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D. E. Stevenson (1892-1973) is the author of over 50 novels, story collections and poetry books.

Until recently, her books were long out of print, and yet always avidly sought by discerning readers throughout the English-speaking world: readers who appreciate endearing characters, familiar yet intriguing situations, and darn good stories.
I am grateful for all my blessings; amongst them the Gift of Storytelling, which seems to please and amuse so many people all over the world.

DES to American friend Jewelene Epps Jones, November 1973

Attractive DES reissues from Scott at Furrowed Middlebrow

The Furrowed Middlebrow Imprint of Dean Street Press has reissued a number of DES books in affordable e-book and paperback formats.

Good news! Another lovely lot reissued January 2022
Just look at the gorgeous covers!

Check them all out here at Dean Street Press

(Take a look at other Mid-Century books from Furrowed Middlebrow.
Many of these are bound to appeal to DES readers)

Where to buy DES books

Check for D E Stevenson books, new and used,
from Anglophile Books

And check here for all the latest DES publication news

A Family Full of Talent

Singer/songwriter Fiona Bevan is DES's great-granddaughter.

Visit her website to find out more

Commemorative Plaque in Edinburgh - May 2017

photo courtesy of Geraldine Hogg
May, 2017, the Edinburgh City of Literature Trust commemorated
D. E. Stevenson with a plaque installed at her childhood home on Eglinton Crescent.

Read about it here

Well done, Edinburgh.

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