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Janetta Walters Home Page

The women (and men) of DES's world love Janetta's books - or else they can't stand them - but no one is impartial to them
Talk to Strangers
Fiona Bevan

DES's great-granddaughter is a rising music star. Be sure to visit the website of this talented young member of the Stevenson dynasty.

Fickle Fortune

In 1933, The Bearsden Film Club made Fickle Fortune for entry into the Scottish Amateur Film Festival.

D. E. Stevenson wrote the scenario, and also appeared in it as Dorothy Peploe, as did her daughter, Rosemary Peploe.

Thanks to the Scottish Screen Archive at the National Library of Scotland.
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Susan Monahan's wonderful website has lots of interesting DES information and pictures, Dessie comments, and a great collection of Dust Jackets
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Or visit Alison Bunting's classic DES site from the late 1990s, which served to start gathering Dessies together from the cyberworld.
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visit Laura's site to find books by DES and other British authors
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about DES's lasting appeal through the decades courtesy of author Mary Smith and Dumfries & Galloway Life.
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