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D. E. Stevenson published 45 books between 1923 and 1970. Three more were published long after her death, in 2011. Fortunately, we can go back and read them again and again, like visiting old friends.

Explore the World of DES to see how her many books link up with each other.

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Time Frame



Between the Wars

Peter West 1920-23? 1923 Kintoul, Scotland; London
Mrs Tim of the Regiment (Mrs. Tim Christie) Jan-May, 1932 1932 Biddington, England; Westburgh, Scotland; Kiltwinkle
Golden Days (Mrs. Tim Christie) June 1932 1934 Avielochan, Scotland.
Miss Buncle's Book 1934 1934 Silverstream, London
The Young Clementina
(Miss Dean's Dilemma)
(Divorced from Reality)
1895-1935 1935 Hinkleton, London, Canterbury
Smouldering Fire 1934 1935 London Ardfalloch
Miss Buncle Married 1934-1935 1936 Hampstead Heath, Wandlebury London
The Empty World
(A World in Spell)
1973 1936 NYC, Mid-Atlantic, Venice, Monte Carlo, various parts of England, Scotland, Renfrew, Glasgow
The Story of Rosabelle Shaw
(Rosabelle Shaw)
1890-1915 1937 Edinburgh, Torrisford, London
Miss Bun the Baker's Daughter
(The Baker's Daughter)
1937-38 1938 Beilford (in southern Scotland), London, Amsterdam, Leiden
Green Money
(The Green Money)
1939 1939 Winthorpe, English countryside, London, various towns along the way

Written During WWII

Rochester's Wife pre-war 1940 some towns in England and Scotland
The English Air 1938-1940 1940 Chellford, England (near Kingsport - Portsmouth?); Inverdrum, Scotland; Freigarten, Germany;
Dalfinnan, Scotland; London;
road trip from London to Inverdrum.
Mrs Tim Carries On 1940 1941 Donford (Scotland), London, Cobstead (English coastal town]
Spring Magic 1942 1942 London; Cairn, Scotland; Weston; Rithie; Manburgh, Hertfordshire
Crooked Adam 1942 1942 England, Scotland
Celia's House 1905-1942 1943 Ryddelton and environs, Jutland, Rosyth (1916), London (1923) Bournemouth, Timperton.
The Two Mrs. Abbotts 1942 1943 Chevis Green, Wandlebury, North Africa
Listening Valley ca. 1930-1944 1944 Edinburgh, India, London (in Blitz), Ryddelton

Post War Writing

The Four Graces 1943 1946 Chevis Green, Wandlebury, London
Mrs. Tim Gets a Job 1947 1947 Ryddelton
Kate Hardy 1947 1947 London, Old Quinings
Young Mrs. Savage 1948 1948 England; Seatown (North Berwick), Scotland
Vittoria Cottage 1948-1949 1949 Ashbridge, near Chevis Green; Wandlebury (which is nearby); London. En route to London.
Music in The Hills 1949 1950 Drumburly and environs, close enough to Dumfries for Jock to go there for the day.
Winter and Rough Weather
(Shoulder the Sky)
1951 1951 Drumburly, London
Mrs. Tim Flies Home 1952 1952 Kenya, Cairo, Rome, Old Quinings
Five Windows 1937-1953? 1953 Haines (near Drumburly, Scotland); Edinburgh; London
Charlotte Fairlie
(The Enchanted Isle,
Blow the Wind Southerly)
1952-53 1954 Larchester, Copenhagen, Targ, Little Garley
Amberwell 1927-1947 1955 Westkirk, Southwest Scotland; Edinburgh; Carlisle (also Dumfries and Lockerbie); aboard The Starfish, near Firth of Forth; Leith; London; a market garden 40 miles from London
Summerhills 1948? 1956 Westkirk, Rome
The Tall Stranger 1957 1957 London, Shepherdsford, Scotland
Anna and her Daughters 1948-1957 1958 London, Ryddelton, Edinburgh, Kenya, Switzerland, world cruise
Still Glides the Stream 1957-59 1959 some small town in Scotland; Nivennes France
The Musgraves 1960 1960 Shepherdsford, London, Cannes, Cape Town
Bel Lamington 1960 1961 London, Drumburly
Fletchers End 1960-61 1962 Shepherdsford, Edinburgh
The Blue Sapphire 1963 1963 London; Leddiesford, Scotland
Katherine Wentworth 1964 1964 Edinburgh and environs, Moffat, Limbourne, near Wandlebury
Katherine's Marriage
(The Marriage of Katherine)
1965 1965 Ardfalloch, Edinburgh, Limbourne, near Wandlebury
The House on the Cliff 1966 1966 London, Mountain Cross, Morchester
Sarah Morris Remembers 1925-1944 1967 Larchester; London; Ryddelton; Nivennes, France
Sarah's Cottage 1945-1958 1968 Ryddelton, Larchester, Kirkcudbright, etc.
Gerald and Elizabeth 1969 1969 En route from Capetown to Southampton, London, Glasgow
House of the Deer 1970 1970 Glasgow, Ardfalloch

Pre-War Manuscripts Found in the Attic in the 21st Century

Emily Dennistoun 1920s 2011 Scotland
The Fair Miss Fortune 1930s 2011 Dingleford, England
Portrait of Saskia 1920s 2011 England
Jean Erskine's Secret 1913-1917 2013 Scotland
Found in the Attic various 2013 various places

Poetry Books

Meadow-flowers 1915
The Starry Mantle 1926
Alister and Co. [It's Nice to Be Me] 1940, 1943