DES's World

Maps and Family Trees

DES's books include a number of maps and family trees, those staples of 1930s mysteries.

We are given a view of Ardfalloch and the surrounding area in some old editions of Smouldering Fire (the unedited version) and a view of Scottish hill country surrounding Mureth in Winter and Rough Weather (although some U.S. editions, published as Shoulder the Sky, don't contain the map). The layout of Silversteam in Miss Buncle's Book is so minutely described that a reader can (and did) draw a map of the village.

George's lines are laid in pleasant places in The Green Money and we are treated to a map of his neighbourhood .

Family trees are found in Fletchers End. We are treated to the Shaws family tree in Rosabelle Shaw, and the Dunnes in Celia's House.

Of course, a devoted reader with time on her hands could draw up a family tree for any of the many families so lovingly (and sometimes not-so-lovingly) described in DES's works.
new editions

Ardfalloch, 1938 Farrar and Rinehart edition, US
Ardfalloch and the surrounding area
Smouldering Fire, Farrar and Rinehart, 1938  

Mureth and environs, Fontana pb, 1957, 1969
Mureth farm and Drumburly
Winter and Rough Weather, Fontana paperback, 1957, 1969

Mureth farm and Drumburly
Shoulder the Sky, People's Book Club edition, 1950

The village of Silverstream, as described in Miss Buncle's Book, 1934.  

Swan House and Environs
Green Money, Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1939, 1975
Green Money, Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1939, 1975  

The Dunne Family Tree - 1905
Celia's House, Grosset and Dunlop, 1943 Dunne Family Tree, Grosset and Dunlop, 1943  

Shaws Family Tree, Collins, 1968
Rosabelle Shaw, Collins, 1968