D. E. Stevenson

A Poem for Dessies

new editions

by Kristi Jalics

They come to me when I am half asleep,
Drowsy over a book
These people I have known only in books:

David shifting vegetables in Covent Garden,
Sarah picking up pearls in Lottie's house,
Anna's daughter choosing her attic,
and Bel gardening on a London rooftop.
Mamie playing piano for Jock,
Rhoda painting the colorful snow,
Kit traveling around the world,
and Iain being boatman down by the loch.

Music in the Hills, People's Book Club, 1950

Miss Buncle's Book, rinehart 1937 What a gift they all have been and are!
Barbara transforming into Elizabeth,
Charlotte buying a Buddha
Katherine cleaning out her cupboards
and Sue searching in Leiden.

Here is Guy tripping over a footstool
and Mrs. Hetherington Smith giving gifts,
Another Charlotte writing letters to someone she doesn't know
and Julia murmuring "Hiawatha" to Uncle Ran.
Mrs. Tim beginning her diary,
And Tim himself, escaping from France.
Markie is disarming a sleeping soldier
and Sal is making a pot of tea
While George practices magic
and Sam rejoices in Elizabethan clothes.
Tonia and Mr. Smilie walk to Melville House in the dark
and Nell meets a baby in the chaos at Carlisle station.
Miss Buncle Married, Grosset & Dunlap, n.d.

Leaving the Bell, painted by Nessie Taylor What a lovely gifts, enduring treasure
Lighthouse books
Leading us to that harbor
Where we wish to be.