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Goin' to the Chapel
Chapel of Love
Sept 1994
A Little Help from my Friends   Sept 1994
Tell Him   December 1994
Jingle Bell Rock   December 1995
White Christmas (our first anti Harris song)   December 1995
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend   December 1995
Leader of the Mac; A Tragic Tale of Incompatible Systems   June 1996
Employment is a Girl's Best Friend
Working Girl
November 1996
The Ballad of Cathy and Caitlin   July 1997
Baldwin's Privateers   July 1997
It's in his Kiss   December 1997
Bad Premier Harris - another anti-Harris song   December 1997
Tory Bells - yes, another anti-Harris song   December 1998
The Girls Who Drink and Jive - yet another anti-Harris song   December 1998
Meet Me at the Demonstration   November 1999
The Activist's Song   January 2000
Didn't Go to the Chapel   December 2001