watch for Janetta's next book, to be published in the fall of 1942

Love Triumphant

  • Miss Fiona Fairchild - 1940
  • A Dream of Love - 1940
  • Sweet Lass of Luton - 1941
  • Her Prince at Last - 1941

The Scottish Trilogy

The Laird of Inverkeltie - 1939
Island Mist - 1941
Hearts of the Highlands - 1942

What the readers and reviewers are saying
Secret Bonus: The book Janetta never wrote....

What readers and the critics are saying about Janetta Walters and her books

"So clean!" Edith Cole, Wandlebury Ladies Sewing Party

"You must admit there's something rather nice about them."
   --Sal Grace, vicar's daughter

"...funnier than Wodehouse."
   --Tommy Widgery, officer's wife

"Charming, charming!"
   --James Marvell, R. A.

"High-powered tushery."
   -- Arthur Abbott, publisher

"I bet she could write something really decent if she tried."
   -- Lt.Tom Ash, RAF

All Janetta's wonderful books are available at finer bookstores everywhere
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Abbott and Spicer
Brummel Street
London, E.C. 4

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bride of may

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Bride of May

Janetta's first book tells of the tender romance between Peggy Sinclair, a department store window dresser who specialises in bridal displays, and the store's brooding, enigmatic owner, Trent Caulfield

Her Loving Heart

When heartbroken Abby Rhodes travels to the Cotswolds to visit her godmother, she never dreams that she will find love again.

Janetta's first book to reach the bestseller lists, and to be published in America,where she has enchanted many new readers.

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Her Prince at Last

Janetta's best-loved book reviewed by Rebecca Tremaine, Ladies' Weekly Chronicle, November 1941

Janetta's many fans will be delighted to learn that her long-awaited new novel is now on bookstore shelves.

Quite in Miss Walters' best tradition, Her Prince at Last takes the reader to a romantic world of strong men and flower-like maidens who fall in love with each other at first sight. But as always, the course of true love does not run smooth.

Her Prince at Last

Rose Elliot, an orphan cast adrift in an uncaring world, has bravely faced tragedy all her life. But a legacy from an unknown relative gives her the freedom to pursue her dream, running a weaving studio, so she leaves London and goes to live at the seaside town of Hearts Content.

It is here that for the first time in her life that she begins to make new friends: Miss Cardigan and Miss Ethel Cardigan, the elderly sisters who run the Hearts Content Hotel; Old Teasdale, the garrulous old salt who warns her about the dangers of the tides; Sir Lucius Fanshawe, the local squire; and Molly, the little crippled orphan girl, who wins Rose's heart.

Rose at last begins to feel she has found the peace and security she's been seeking all her life. But into this idyllic world comes Edward Caulfield, the handsome stranger whose brooding manner seems to shield a bitter secret. In spite of her determination never to marry, Rose finds herself strangely drawn to this strong, taciturn, enigmatic man. And she begins to think he might be learning to care for her as well. But who is the beautiful woman that Edward has been meeting by moonlight? And why does he seem to be jealous of Rose's friendship with Sir Lucius, a confirmed bachelor?

Miss Walters' legion of readers will not be disappointed with the tender love scenes and dramatic climax, where a near-tragedy at last brings the book to a satisfying conclusion.

Readers' comments on Her Prince at Last

"It's such a sweet story.... You can be certain there's nothing nasty in it."   -- Mamie Carter

"I want Her Prince at Last and I want it now . I don't want it in three weeks' time when everyone else has read it."    -- ZoŽ Wheeler
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Love Triumphant

Advance notice

Janetta Walters, the popular author, has completed a new novel which is to be published shortly. It is entitled Love Triumphant and Miss Walters' large circle of admirers need not be told to make a note of it for their library lists. The story is well up to her usual standard; it is sensitive and delicate and full of romance.

Miss Walters has had a slight nervous breakdown, due to overwork, and has gone to Cornwall to recuperate. Her next book, which is already well on its way, is entitled Love's Garden and we are informed on good authority that it will have a Cornish setting.

Drusilla Drainie
Literary columnist
Milady's Boudoir