The Novels of D. E. Stevenson

Peter West 1923
Mrs. Tim of the Regiment 1932
Golden Days 1934
Miss Buncle's Book 1934
Divorced From Reality 1935 (Miss Dean's Dilemma) (republished in 1966 as The Young Clementina)
Smouldering Fire 1935
Miss Buncle Married 1936
The Empty World 1936 (The World in Spell)
The Story of Rosabelle Shaw 1937
Miss Bun the Bakers Daughter 1938 (The Baker's Daughter)
Green Money 1939
Rochester's Wife 1940
The English Air 1940
Mrs. Tim Carries On 1941
Spring Magic 1942
Celia's House 1943
The Two Mrs. Abbotts 1943
Listening Valley 1944
The Four Graces 1946
Mrs. Tim Gets a Job 1947
Kate Hardy 1947
Young Mrs. Savage 1948

Vittoria Cottage 1949
Music in The Hills 1950
Winter and Rough Weather 1951 ( Shoulder the Sky)
Mrs. Tim Flies Home 1952
Five Windows 1953
Charlotte Fairlie 1954 (Blow the Wind Southerly, also as The Enchanted Isle)
Amberwell 1955
Summerhills 1956
The Tall Stranger 1957
Anna and her Daughters 1958
Still Glides the Stream 1959
The Musgraves 1960
Bel Lamington 1961
Fletcher's End 1962
The Blue Sapphire 1963
Katherine Wentworth 1964
Katherine's Marriage 1965 (Marriage of Katherine)
The House on the Cliff 1966
Sarah Morris Remembers 1967
Sarah's Cottage 1968
Gerald and Elizabeth 1969
Crooked Adam USA 1942, UK 1969
The House of the Deer 1970

Some titles were changed when printed in the USA. These alternative titles are given in parentheses. (Thanks to Laura Bodon-Campbell).

From the jacket of The English Air 1968.

Different Titles by Jerri
Of the three titles for Divorced from Reality - Miss Dean's Dilemma - The Young Clementina I feel strongly that The Young Clementina is all wrong. She is a minor character. Important, but the book is not primarily about her. Miss Dean's Dilemma is the best title,because that is what it is about. Divorced from Reality always makes me think that she realized the logical flaws in this, one of my favorite books, and was poking fun at her own book!

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